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Egg Roll (4) $5.50
Deep fried rolls with silver noodles and vegetables, served with sweet & sour sauce.
Fried Wonton (10) $5.50
Ground chicken wrapped with wonton skin deep fried served with sweet & sour sauce.
Fried Tofu $5.50
Deep fried tofu served with sweet & sour sauce and crushed peanuts.
Dumpling (8) $5.95
Steamed chicken dumplings served with special soy sauce.
Cream Cheese Wonton (8) $5.95
Crab meat and cream cheese perfectly blended, wrapped with wonton skin, deep-fried and sevred with plum sauce.
Pot Stickers (8) $5.95
Deep-fried pot stickers chicken with vegetables, served with a special soy sauce.
Fresh Roll (2) $6.50
Romaine lettce, cucumber, carrots,shrimp and tofu wrapped in rice-paper seved with peanut sauce.
Mee Krob $6.95
Sweet crispy noodles with shirmp and chicken, garnished with bean sprouts and green onions.
Beef Balls, Pork Balls, Shrimp Balls Or Fish Balls $6.95
Grilled balls served with special sweet & sour sauce.
Shrimp Tempura $7.95
Deep fried shrimp with vegetables served with sweet & sour sauce.
Fried Calamari $7.95
Deep fried calamari served with sweet and sour sauce.
Golden Wings (2) $7.95
Stuffed with silver noodles and ground chicken, cabbage,seved with special cucumber sauce.
Chicken Or Beef Satay (6) $7.95
Chicken or Beef marinated in mixture of Thai spices on skewers grilled and seved
Crispy Duck Roll $7.95
Deep- fried rolls stuffed with roasted duck and vegetables, served on a bed of lettuce with cilantro, and a special sauce on the side.
Jerky (Beef Or Pork) $7.95
Marinated beef or pork deep fried to perfection, served with a special hot sauce with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.
Fish or Shrimp Cake $7.95
Ground shrimp or fish mixed in thai spices and lighty fried served with Thai cucumber relish.
Shrimp With Fried Wonton (6) $7.95
Deep fried shrimp wrapped with wonton skin, served with plum sauce.
Combination Appitizers $9.95
2 Chicken satays, 2 Egg Rolls, 2 Pot stickers, 2 Cream Cheese Wontons, 2 Shrimp Wontons.
B.B.Q Pork Wonton Soup $4.50
Chicken stuffed wontons,chinese cabbage and bok choy with BBQ Pork.
Glass Noodle Soup $4.50
Silver noodle in clear soup with shirmp, chicken and mixed vegetables.
Vegetable Tofu Soup $4.50
Tofu and mixed vegetables in clear broth.
Tom Yum Soup $4.95
Hot & Sour with straw mushroom, lemon grass.
Tom Kha Soup $4.95
With coconut milk, mushrooms and galanga root, and lemon juice.
Wonton Soup $4.95
Wonton skin stuffed with ground chicken, shrimp and vegetables.
Fish Soup $5.95
Fillet fish with lemongrass, galanga, red onions, mushrooms with lemon juice.
Tom Kha Seafood Soup $12.95
With coconut milk, shrimp, squid, fish, mussels, mushrooms and galanga root, and lemon juice.
Seafood Soup $12.95
Shrimp, squid, fish, crab, mussels with lemongrass, ginger, mushrooms in lemon juice.
Vegetable Salad $6.95
Lettuce, tomatoes ,carrots and cucumbers served with peanut dressing.
House Salad $7.95
Chicken, hard boiled egg, lettuce,red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers served with peanut dressing.
Papaya Salad $7.95
Shreded green papaya mixed with grilled shrimp, tomatoes, green beans, peanuts, fresh chilli and lime juice.
Beef Salad $7.95
Grilled beef with lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and cilantro with spicy lime juice.
Yum woon sen $7.95
Silver noodle with shirmp, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions in spicy lime juice.
Larb $7.95
Ground meat cooked with lime juice, red onions, cilantro and roasted rice powder.
Nam Sod $7.95
Choice of ground chicken or pork with red onions, ginger, peanuts, cilantro and crispy rice in lime juice.
Duck Salad $8.95
Roasted duck with tomatoes, carrots, red onions, with spicy lime juice.
Shrimp Salad $8.95
Shrimp with lettuce, red onions, cilantro with spicy lime juice.
Naked Shrimp Salad $8.95
Grilled shrimp with lettuce, red onions, lemon grass with thai chili paste and lime juice.
Squid Salad $8.95
Squid with lettuce, red onions, and cilantro, with spicy lime juice.
Seafood Salad $10.95
Shrimp, squid, crab, mussel with tomatoes, cilantro and red onions in spicy lime juice.
Broccoli With Oyster Flavored Sauce $7.95
Baby Corn $7.95
Sauteed babycorn, mushrooms, onions & green onion in light oyster sauce.
Fresh Ginger $7.95
Sauteed with fresh ginger, onions, mushrooms with light soy bean sauce.
Sweet & Sour $7.95
Stir fried with pineapples, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions in sweet & sour sauce.
Garlic Pepper $7.95
Stir fried with fresh garlic and peppers with garlic sauce.
Bell Peper With Oyster Sauce $7.95
Orange Chicken $7.95
Mongolian $7.95
Stir fried with bell peppers, straw mushrooms, carrots and onions with oyster sauce.
Mix Vegetable $7.95
Stir fried with fresh vegetable in light oyster sauce.
Basil Leaves $7.95
Stir fried with basil leaves, bell peppers, onions, garlic, carrot and green chili.
Spicy Eggplant $7.95
Stir fried with onions, bell peppers and basil leaves.
Spicy Bamboo $7.95
Stir fried with onions, bell peppers and basil leaves.
Cashew Nut $7.95
Sauteed with cashew nuts, onions, water chestnut & dried chili.
Prik King $7.95
Green bean with spicy curry paste, bell peppers.
Kung Pao $7.95
Stir fried with peanuts, onions, bell peppers and dried chili with special soy sauce.
Spicy Pineapple $7.95
Stir fried with carrot , onions , bell peppers.
Snow Peas $7.95
Snow peas with carrot, onions.
Green Bean With Garlic Sauce $7.95
Green beans, carrot with garlic sauce.
Yellow Curry $7.95
Mild yellow curry cooked with coconut milk with onions, potatoes and carrots.
Green Curry $7.95
Green curry with meat, eggplants, bamboo shoots, chili and basil leaves simmered in coconut milk.
Red Curry $7.95
Red curry cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, bell peppers and basil leaves.
Panang Curry $7.95
Roasted red curry with meat, basil leaves and bell pepper simmered in coconut milk.
Musamun Curry $7.95
Muslim curry with meat, peanuts and potatoes simmered in coconut.
Pineapple Curry $7.95
Red curry with pineapple, onions in coconut milk.
Duck Curry $7.95
Red curry with roasted duck, tomatoes, basil leaves and bell peppers simmered in coconut milk.
Jungle Curry $7.95
Red curry with mixed vegetables and Thai herbs.
Thai Fried Rice $7.95
Fried rice with choice of meat, egg, tomatoes and onions.
Spicy Fried Rice $7.95
Fried rice with choice of meat with green chili, bell peppers, onions and mint leaves.
Chinese Sausage Fried Rice $7.95
Chinese sausage, eggs, tomatoes, onions.
Vegetable Fried Rice $7.95
Fried rice with egg, tomatoes and assorted vegetables.
B.B.Q Pork Fried Rice $7.95
Fried rice with B.B.Q Pork, egg, tomatoes and onions.
Pineapple Fried Rice $8.95
Fried rice with choice of meat, cashew nuts, raisins, egg, onions & pineapple.
Crab Fried Rice $9.95
Fried rice with real crab meat, tomatoes, onoins.
Combination Fried Rice $9.95
Fried rice with egg, shrimp, chicken, beef, pork, with onions and tomatos.
Seafood Fried Rice $10.95
Fried rice with combination of seafood, tomatoes, onions and egg.
B.B.Q Pork Over Rice $7.95
Hainam Chicken $7.95
Garlic and ginger rice, steamed chicken, spicy soy ginger sauce.
Roated Duck Over Rice $8.95
Pad Thai $7.95
Soft rice noodles with choice of meat, egg, green onion bean sprouts and ground peanuts.
Pad See Ewe $7.95
Pan fried flat rice noodles with broccoli and egg in sweet black sauce.
Pad Woon Sen $7.95
Glass noodle with egg, onion,bean sprouts with choice of meat.
Chow Mein $7.95
Pan fried egg noodles with choice of meat and vegetable.
Kai Kua $7.95
Pan fried flat rice noodles with egg, chicken, green onion, bean sprouts and ground peanuts.
Drunken Noodle $7.95
Pan fried flat rice noodles with chili, onion, bell pepper, mint leaves.
Drunken Chowmein Noodle $7.95
Pan fried egg noodles with chili, onion, bell pepper, mint leaves.
Rad Nar $7.95
Flat rice noodles topped with choice of meat, broccoli and special Thai gravy.
Tom Yum Noodle Soup $7.95
Rice noodle in special lemon grass soup.
Tom Kha Noodle Soup $7.95
Rice noodle with coconut, in special lemon grass soup.
Pho Soup $7.95
Rice noodle with in special soup and vegetables.
Egg Noodle with B.B.Q Pork $7.95
B.B.Q pork and egg noodle with in special soup.
Duck Noodle Soup $8.95
Egg noodle with in special duck soup and roated duck.
Yentafo $8.95
Flat rice noodle in atasty pink soup, topped with fish ball, shrimp balls, squid, fried wonton and tofu.
Sukiyaki $8.95
Glass noodles, napa cabbage, morning glory served with house special sauce.
Combo Pho Soup $9.95
Rice noodle with Shrimp, chicken, beef, and vegetable.
Seafood Noodle Soup $11.95
Rice noodle with in lemon grass soup and seafood.
B.B.Q Chicken $8.50
Thai style BBQ chicken served with sweet&sour sauce.
B.B.Q Pork Rib $8.50
Thai style BBQ pork rib served with red BBQ sauce.
B.B.Q Beef Rib $9.50
Thai style BBQ beef rib served with red BBQ sauce.
B.B.Q Combo $11.95
Grill Pork Or Beef Thai Style $8.50
Teriyaki Chicken Or Beef $8.50
Grilled boneless chicken or beef topped with teriyaki sauce.
Teriyaki Salmon $9.95
Teriyaki Combo $10.95
Crying Tiger (Beef) $9.95
Grilled marinated and sliced tender rib eye steak, served with spicy dipping sauce.
Lemon Chicken $8.95
Battered fried chicken served over crispy collard greens, topped with a special sauce and pieces of lime.
Salt & Pepper Chicken $8.95
Green onions, chili and garlic sprinked with salt & pepper.
House Special Chicken $8.95
Green onions, chili and black peppers stir-fried in a butter sauce.
Duck Basil leaves $10.95
Roated duck with bell peppers, onions, carrots, and basil leaves.
Grill Calamari $9.95
Grill calamari served with a special sauce.
Stream mussel $9.95
With basil leaves, lemon grass served with spicy thai special sauce.
Spicy Cat Fish $11.95
Deep-fried cat fish with Thai chili paste and bell peppers.
House Mango Fish $11.95
Deep-fried fillet sole fish topped with mango sauce.
Fish Fillet With Chili Sauce $11.95
Deep-fried fillet sole fish with bell peppers in thai a special sauce.
Stream Fillet With Lime Sauce $11.95
Stream sole fillet with lime juice, garlic, chili and cilantro.
Shushi Salmon & Shrimp $13.95
Grilled salmon and shrimp with in a special sauce and stream vegetables.
Shrimp & Crab Claw Ka-Ree $13.95
Stir-fried with curry paste, onoins, bell pepers, carrots and steram vegetables.
Stream Seafood $12.95
With basil leaves, lemon grass served with spicy thai special sauce.
Sizzling Seafood $12.95
Assorted seafood sauteed in a house special chili sauce with bell pepper, onions, carrot and mushroom.
Seafood Basil Leaves $12.95
Stir-fried in basil leaves, bell peppers , onions, garlic, carrots and chili.
Steamed Rice $1.50
White Rice or Brown Rice
Sticky Rice $2.00
Small Egg Fried Rice $2.50
No Meat
Streamed Mixed Vegetable $2.95
Small Salad $2.95
Coconut Ice Cream $2.95
Fried Banana (6) $3.95
Fried Banana With Ice Cream $4.95
Sticky Rice With Mango $6.95
Thai Ice Coffee $1.95
Thai Ice Tea $1.95
Lemonade $1.95
Ice Green Tea $1.95
Regular Ice Tea $1.95
Hot Coffee $1.95
Hot Tea $1.95
Jasmine Tea or Green Tea
Hot Ginger $1.95
Juice $2.50
Apple Juice, Orange Juice, or Coconut Jucie
Perier $2.50
Soda $1.50
Coke, 7UP, Sunkish, Diet Coke, and Root Beer
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